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On 9 Jul 99, at 2:48, Kevin Vahey wrote:

>>WBOS would seem to the be the better fit, as that is a station 
that could be ripe for a complete overhaul, and 99.5 may not want 
to anger its solid country base.<<

But you're ignoring the links Imus has to the country audience.  A 
lot of his bumper music is country, and he frequently has country 
stars as guests (not just Delbert!)

I tend to agree with Chuck that it's irresponsible to speculate about 
such things when you have a solid reputation as a journalist, but 
given Johnson's record I'm tempted to consider that he might be on 
to something.

Take care,


P.S.  Looking at WFNX's dismal ratings of late (getting stomped 
12+ by WPLM-FM, for chrissakes!) I wonder if this super-regional 
strategy of theirs (extending their format into less-competitive 
markets such as Manchester/Nashua and Portsmouth/ 
Dover/Rochester) might make some sense.  What say you, fellow