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In a message dated 7/9/99 2:33:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, Chuckigo writes:

<< so it's ok to embellish on the news of the day by dropping in rumors?  or 
starting them?  >>

Yes.  It's done in sports, politics and business new everyday.  Part of good 
journalism is analyzing events and providing readers with what insiders are 
saying.  Do you get as worked up when there's an article speculating about a 
sports coach or player about to be fired or cut?  If the reports come from 
sources that are usually accurate then I belief Johnson has a responsibility 
to his readers to report the information.

Two weeks ago, the Casco Bay Weekly reported that Jim Crocker would be 
replacing Dave Winsor as the co-host of the WGAN Morning Show.  The story 
actually hit the streets while Winsor was doing his last show but before the 
move had actually been made.  Was this idle speculation?  I think not.  The 
story was based on good sources and turned out to be true.  I'm sure Winsor 
didn't like reading about his firing in the paper before it actually happened 
but it comes with the territory.  I'm also sure he had already heard the 
rumors and was not surprised when the ax fell.

Casco Bay Weekly has also reported that the new owners of WBLM and WCYY will 
be bringing Howard Stern to town.  This story would also lead to someone 
losing their job.  It remains to be seen if the story is true but the rumor 
is rampant in radio circles.  Is it wrong to report it?  I don't think so.