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One reason for the high sale price (reportedly $20 
million) that Carter is getting for his six AMs and an 
FM (Rumford--1 AM and 1 FM, and AMs in Portland, Boston, 
Worcester, Springfield, and Providence) is the 
application I just spotted for WCRN. WCRN has applied to 
increase its day power from 7 kW to 50 kW, with no 
changes to _anything_ else (pattern would remain the 
same--just a stronger signal in every direction). I can 
think of three reasons why the FCC might reject this 
application (the 840 in New Britain, which the day 
pattern was designed to protect, WEEI, and daytime-
skywave interference to WCCO). It will be interesting to 
see what, if anything, happens with this application.