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Weather Related Radio/TV Problems

WCAP(980) Lowell has been off the air since about 5:30 PM today.A severe
thunderstorm rolled through the Lowell area,bringing down numerous trees
and power lines.Power was knocked out in the area of WCAP's TX site,and as
of just before starting to type this,the power is still out in that
area.(my parents live just down the street from WCAP's TX).I thought WCAP
had a generator at the TX,unless it failed or maybe there was damage at the
TX site.

Also,about 10:15PM,I was watching CH 56's news when the station went
off,replaced by a Media One pay per view promo.Flipped through all the
other Boston TV's,found all but Ch 2 apparently off and replaced by the
same Media One PPV promo.About 15 sec after this all stations were back
on.Any one else notice this occurance on their cable system?

Mark Watson


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