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Re: burn-outs come faster in the 90's than previous decades

At 02:01 AM 7/1/99 -0400, H Glazer wrote:
>Tim Davisson wrote:
>I just hate the whole "Dancin'"/"Jammin'" tag. When this music was new,
>we called it "soul" and "disco." The hip-hop crowd calls it "old
>school." Why can't the format use these terms?

The word "disco" still has a very negative image...conjures up polyester
leisure suits, 8-track tapes and the Pacer.  Not all of the music they play
can remotely be called soul.  And the demographics these stations are
targeting are probably not familiar with the term "old school" (or
associate it with rap/hip-hop which is a VERY negative association to have
if you're targeting anyone over 20).  

I personally think the handle "Dancin' Oldies" is kind of lame, but these
days you need a catchy slogan, and "Jammin'" was already taken.