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Re: Jammin' Oldies mean quick jammin' burnouts

At 11:15 AM 6/29/99 -0400, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>We could kick back with confidence that radio has "matured" beyond the
>sound of the AM-to-FM transitional period, but I have to wonder if the
>music that was successful at that time owes some of that success to
>the spirit in which it was delivered.

Without a doubt.  Also keep in mind that prior to the past 10-12 years or
so, stations were far less recurrent-heavy than they are today.  Back then,
when a song dropped off the chart, there was a pretty good chance that it
would just go away, as opposed to hanging in forever in recurrent rotation.
 It increases the "ow wow" factor of a lot of these songs, but time will
tell how well they wear after 6 months or so.