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why won't radio play a wide-variety of music styles?

it wrong that I like "Alone Again, Naturally" as much as "Radar Love?"  
> No, but it seems that as they grow older, many people tend to gravitate 
> towards one preferred musical style and eschew any songs that don't "fit"

Huh?? I am age 50, and still enjoy the music of the 60's I grew up with,
but love lots of music from the 70's and some from the 80's (my least
favorite decade), and am really starting to enjoy mainstream CHR from 
the late 90's.  And, I enjoy everything from the Mamas & Papas to Rickey

Many people in their 20's & 30's have the distinct disadvantage of being
programmed-to by "modal", one-dementional music formats. I'd have to
believe that people are people. If folks in the late 50's to early 80's
enjoy all styles of music on one station, if given the opportunity, people
in the 90's++ could do it to. IF they were ever given the chance.

Aw, this safe, safe, "radio's a business" era....don't you love it??

Brittany Spears' "..One More Time" IS a terriffic "pop" (for the lack
of a better term) tune.  To me she is the Lesley Gore of the 90's.
Lesley had about 20 hits in the early to mid-60's during a time 
the British-invasion (Beatles, etc.) made it nearly impossible for
a US act to chart. Granted, maybe 8 or 9 of her songs were really
big (top 10), but she had many great "pop" tunes.  

Knowing BTO's Randy Bachmann has a son with a hit song kinda
makes me feel old, LOL,hi,hi.  Actually, I think it's great.

There's all kinds of excellent, different music out today. If only
a listener didn't have to tune 6 different formats to hear all of it!
(and, most stations play 80% recurrents & oldies, very few
currents...that's annoying!).