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Jammin' Oldies mean quick jammin' burnouts

David Merrill wrote:

>Is it wrong that I like "Alone Again, Naturally" as much as "Radar Love?"  
No, but it seems that as they grow older, many people tend to gravitate 
towards one preferred musical style and eschew any songs that don't "fit"

>This narrowing of the oldies format, which Boston's Eagle 93.7 did by not
>soul and disco and Star 93.7 does by not playing the classic rock that the
>Eagle played, makes me tired fast.  
Amen! (zzzzzzz)  If I hear Boogie Oogie Oogie once more..........

>To make it worse, both Eagle and Star miss songs that all they need to 
>do is pull out an old 68 RKO or Kiss hitlist to remember how big a song 
>was in the Boston area.  
Chances are they wouldn't know where to find copies of all those old

>Please, someone do a real mix of what was really on the
>radio in the 60's/70's and 80's.  Were Gary Puckett & The 
>Union Gap really played that much in Boston when they 
>had their one year of popularity?
Not really, BUT (and that's a BIG BUTT) Gary tests very well 
with females.  I attended a concert in NH 2 years ago (Grassroots
and Gary Puckett) and all the middle-aged women were ga-ga over him.

On balance, remember that circa 1970-71 WRKO had a 90-minute 
rotation on all top 30 songs (day-parts excluded).  

>The problem with Boston is Kiss can't be a true top 40 station since 
>they worry about playing something their "sister" station, Jam'n, plays.  
Hey, does Red Lobster plan it's menu so that it doesn't serve any of
the same foods as its sister restaurant "The Olive Garden?"

> I know that most people in the 25-54 don't like the rap music, and, 
> admittidly I am on the lower end; but it has its place with today's hit 
> music.  You make a catchy enough rap hit and even my mother at 
> age 70 will say, "Hey, I kind of like that."
Yeah, but "catchy" rap tunes are rare.  For every "Bust A Move" there's
a 100 rap tunes that wouldn't last 5 seconds on my radio.  Yes, I'm
on the upper end (52).  But I love a lot of today's music.  R.E.M., Tonic
Matchbox 20, La Bouche, Le Click, Ace Of Base, Britney Spears (1st
one only.  New one is terrible), Cher, Shania Twain, Baz Lurhmann,
Blessid Union Of Souls, Jewel, and Much, MUCH More!

>But, there is a return to pop hits that reminds us of the catchy pop hits
>past decades.  As someone pointed out, Britney Spears is like the Leslie
>Gore of today.
"Baby One More Time" is pure pop - and well produced.  That piano is
dynamite.  But, until I see staying power, I reserve judgement.  For now 
I think of her as Debbie Gibson with a Big Tan.

Roger Kirk