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RE: Jammin' Oldies mean quick jammin' burnouts

I agree with all here.  I grew up on the 70's/80's music when the hit music
station would play soul/rock/soft rock/pop all melded together.  Is it wrong
that I like "Alone Again, Naturally" as much as "Radar Love?"  This
narrowing of the oldies format, which Boston's Eagle 93.7 did by not playing
soul and disco and Star 93.7 does by not playing the classic rock that the
Eagle played, makes me tired fast.  To make it worse, both Eagle and Star
miss songs that all they need to do is pull out an old 68 RKO or Kiss
hitlist to remember how big a song was in the Boston area.  The ratings for
the Jammin' Oldies stations have already started to go back down with the
exception of KTXQ in Dallas (my favorite one that I have listened to over
the web radio).  Please, someone do a real mix of what was really on the
radio in the 60's/70's and 80's.  Were Gary Puckett & The Union Gap really
played that much in Boston when they had their one year of popularity?

I love the way CHR has been seeming to improve myself.  The problem with
Boston is Kiss can't be a true top 40 station since they worry about playing
something their "sister" station, Jam'n, plays.  A suburban top 40 station
like New Bedford's Fun 107 is what an all hit station should be.  I know
that most people in the 25-54 don't like the rap music, and, admittidly I am
on the lower end; but it has its place with today's hit music.  You make a
catchy enough rap hit and even my mother at age 70 will say, "Hey, I kind of
like that."
But, there is a return to pop hits that reminds us of the catchy pop hits of
past decades.  As someone pointed out, Britney Spears is like the Leslie
Gore of today.

> I agree with Steve & Scott about Jammin' Oldies "shelf" life.
> The expected the burn-out cycle should be about one year.
> Remember....probably 50% of these songs
> have been played for 20+ years on oldies stations
> anyway....so, although
> the biggest Motown/RnB-crossover hits of the 60's & 70's, they've
> already had heavy exposure. The other 50% of the tunes may be
> too fringe for a mass-appeal audience. I love most of the music,
> but, after 33+ years in broadcasting, I'm far from a typical listener.
> Also....I kinda liked the recent airchecks I'd heard of WLCE/Alice...
> ....was hoping it'd work. Oh well.
> Tim/Ohio
> P.S.: Is it my imagination or does CHR music seem to have
> improved in the past few months?