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Jammin' Oldies mean quick jammin' burnouts

> As one fad format fades away into another.  I always thought so-called
> modern AC was a format with fairly short legs (don't even ask about the
> "Alice" handle).  Take heart, in a couple years most of the rhythmic
> stations will be gone and replaced with...what?  rap oldies?  boy-band
> gold?  polkas?  all civil-war music?

I agree with Steve & Scott about Jammin' Oldies "shelf" life.
The expected the burn-out cycle should be about one year.
Remember....probably 50% of these songs
have been played for 20+ years on oldies stations anyway....so, although
the biggest Motown/RnB-crossover hits of the 60's & 70's, they've 
already had heavy exposure. The other 50% of the tunes may be 
too fringe for a mass-appeal audience. I love most of the music,
but, after 33+ years in broadcasting, I'm far from a typical listener.

Also....I kinda liked the recent airchecks I'd heard of WLCE/Alice...
....was hoping it'd work. Oh well.


P.S.: Is it my imagination or does CHR music seem to have
improved in the past few months?