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Re: Jammin' Oldies mean quick jammin' burnouts

Roger Kirk replies to David Merrill &c.:

> No, but it seems that as they grow older, many people tend to
> towards one preferred musical style and eschew any songs that don't

It's important to remember that songs were considered to "fit" the
first time out of the bin because, just like today, a very small,
elite group of decision makers (record cos., distributors,
programmers) gave the singles the green light onto the coveted
rotation (some, as noted, as tight at 90 minute turnovers for A-lists.
Makes you wonder, did Debbie Boone's "You Light Up My Life" top the
charts because it was a good <ack!> song (among 4 suburbanites

As for O'Sulluvan's "Alone Again, Naturally" I think it was good case
building for early research on subliminal messages against the
rebelling post-war youth <kidding>.  (Think of it, a bunch of
protesters saddling up with signs, etc.  On pops that song and all
lose their way and begin to wander off to the park to stare at
pigeons.) <g>

Bill O'Neill

It's Not the Heat, it's the Humidity