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Traffic Reporting

I was hoping Eli or someone from SmartRoutes would jump in,, o well.

*1 on your Bell Atlantic Phone reaches the SmartRoutes network automated
traffic information system (Toll Free), or from your REAL Phone (does anyone
have these anymore?) 617-374-1234

They are subsidized by the Mass Highway Department and have a prompt to get
information from Mass Highways, I don't think it's a direct connect.
SmartRoutes Reporters provide the voice-overs for the information as
provided by Mass Highways, MBTA, Massport etc.

Bill Dunn

Official Scanner Guide            East Cost Paging & Wireless Systems
1-603-432-1285                    1-781-461-9969

Communications Officer            SmarTraveler Traffic Tracker-92
Metro Boston DMAT  MA-1           Mass EMT-B 831884

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>Heard it on WBZ this morning, Jay McQuade confirming it with Delta
>Airlines traffic between 5:00 and 5:23.


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