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Re: when you're hot, you're hot

On 8 Jun 99,  Donna Halper wrote:

> So for those not in Boston, it was 97 degrees here today, and according to
> David Brudnoy, the air conditioning at WBZ was broken all day!  This set
> me to wondering how the TV side would be able to do their casts, since I
> assume the lights on the TV set would be incredibly hot.  But on the radio
> side, would they have had to use fans-- and if so, how could they keep the
> noise from going out over the air?  Ah, how we take modern technology for
> granted...    

When I was at WMUA, we had no air conditioning (though they do in the 
present studios).  We had large windows that we could open.  I remember, 
the year I was there for the summer, a couple of people fooling around, 
one in the news studio, one in the control room, while I went from one 
window to the other, yelling "Kawabonga" at whichever mike was open.

And, of course, with radio, you don't have to worry about wearing a tie.  
Or even a shirt.


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