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Re: WLAW-680

On 8 Jun 99,  David W. Harris wrote:

> It appears I didn't receive Mr. Gallant's original post about WLAW but
> from snippets quoted elsewhere I see it raises questions about the
> station's studio setup.  

Apparently some of Mr. Gallant's posts are not going to the list, but only 
to a number of selected individuals.  I'm not sure why this is, but I 
wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Gallant is unaware of it.

Because there is no "reply-to" on this list, different software handles 
replies differently.  When I was using Pine on a unix shell, it would ask 
"Reply to all recipients?" and I would reply yes, so that posts would go 
to the list, rather than just to individuals.  Since I began using 
Pegasus, I have to be careful with each post that it gets to the list.  It 
seems to treat replies differently each time, based on whatever way the 
post that it's replying to was addressed, and that varies.  Sometimes I 
have to manually insert the list name.

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