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Re: Alex Beam column

- --- Dib9@aol.com wrote:
> I do find it funny that a newspaper columnist would
> knock a radio station for 
> having a smaller and older audience.  That's
> happening to newspapers year 
> after year.

And speaking of radio vs. columnists:

Newspaper columnists around here have been lambasting
local talkradio hosts for awhile (and vice-versa).The Herald's Jim
Baker has been no fan of WEEI, and he refers to their afternoon host as
"The Big Zero".

A couple of weeks back, WRKO's Jay Severin took offense with a column
about him that was written by the Globe's Clea Simon. The article
began, "Jay Severin is not a racist, he says." Severin attacked
Simon's writing skills and accuracy on his show;
he says he wrote a letter of protest to the Globe
but the paper has yet to print it.

Remember also how WRKO's Howie Carr took great
delight on-air regarding the Globe's Mike Barnicle and
Patricia Smith scandals...

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