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Re: Alex Beam column

In a message dated 6/4/99 12:44:11 PM EST, billo@erols.com writes:

<< Beam notes that Carr is a "public figure" and that his complaintant
 spouse, is not.  This is the same woman Carr refers to on air as
 "Submit."  If I know that, as do many others, doesn't that make her
 "public?" >>

I'm not an attorney but I think it is a stretch to call someone a public 
figure because their husband comments about them on the radio.   Many one of 
our attorney friends can comment on the legal definition of the term "public 
figure" in regard to libel law.

As for the suit, Mrs. Carr may not have ultimately won in court but Imus was 
pushing his luck with his comments and I'm sure his and/or CBS's insurance 
company decided that it would be best to settle the suit and avoid the legal 
costs and potentially higher damages.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine