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Re: Alex Beam column

Part of the response from WRKO included the fact that the Boston Metro was 
expanded to include areas where WRKO does not have a strong signal after 
dark.  That is a legitimate issue.  Changing the makeup of the market is 
going to change the results of the ratings.

I think part of Howie's ratings problems is that he gets old fast.  I only 
tune in occasionally and I have to admit that I find the trash talk 
entertaining when I do, but if I listened everyday, it would get tiring.

I wonder if the trend of talk radio ratings being down across the board 
nationally is also a factor?

I do find it funny that a newspaper columnist would knock a radio station for 
having a smaller and older audience.  That's happening to newspapers year 
after year.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine
Loyal Imus listener under 35