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Re: Alex Beam column

No, the Globe made it SOUND as if he had blamed the 
weather, but that's not what Straley or Carr were 
talking about. WRKO's night pattern, which is in use 
starting at 4:15 PM in December, has a broad null to the 
west-southwest. The statement that you can barely hear 
the station in Wellesley is only a slight exaggeration. 
I think Howie is campaigning for one of several things 
1) a simulcast on one of Entercom's FMs, 2) a frequency 
swap between WRKO and WEEI, or 3) a move of WRKO's TX to 
the WEEI site. In fact, WEEI scarcely does better than 
WRKO at night in MetroWest despite the proximity of its 
Needham TX to MetroWest. Were WRKO to move to the WEEI 
site, the great coverage of New Hampshire and Cape Cod 
would be a thing of the past. The real beneficiary might 
be WEZE, however. If 680 were gone from the Burlington 
site, WEZE could probably use the site and could 
probably increase its daytime power to 50 kW and get 
some sort of increase in night power as well. 
> Anyone choosing to read today's Globe can catch Alex Beam's very interesting
> column about the ratings hit that both Imus and Carr are taking on their
> respective stations. WRKO program director Kevin Straley blamed Carr's
> winter numbers on the poor winter weather. "After dark, you can barely hear
> the station in Wellesley," said Straley in the story. Nice excuse.
> There is also brief mention of a lawsuit which Carr's wife took against
> Imus, and how she is supposedly in line for a nice-sized settlement.
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