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Re: Alex Beam column

The esteemed Bill O'Neill writes:
>Interesting to see what Entercom will do when Imus/Infinity contract
>comes up for renewal this year.  Do you suspect the $1M fee will
>deflate in concert with the 25-54 numbers?  Can Infinity opt to shop
>the show to another buyer or pot it up at one of its o&os?  Which o&o
>could best accomodate Imus' show?  If the Imus numbers are strongest
>with the WZLX demo, I wonder if that could happen.

Isn't the show formerly known as the Big Mattress still strong in that
demo? I would doubt that Infinity will drop Laquidara, especially after
he did them a big favor a couple of years ago in relation to shifting
over to 'ZLX so Stern could take over mornings at 104.1.

What about this possibility: Imus on WODS? After all, Imus' demo is
supposedly much older now and he might fit in with that group, right?
(I'm not sure of 103.3's mornings ratings so I am just throwing that
out there.)

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