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Re: Alex Beam column

>There is also brief mention of a lawsuit which Carr's wife took
>Imus, and how she is supposedly in line for a nice-sized settlement.
>Sean Smyth

Beam notes that Carr is a "public figure" and that his complaintant
spouse, is not.  This is the same woman Carr refers to on air as
"Submit."  If I know that, as do many others, doesn't that make her

Interesting to see what Entercom will do when Imus/Infinity contract
comes up for renewal this year.  Do you suspect the $1M fee will
deflate in concert with the 25-54 numbers?  Can Infinity opt to shop
the show to another buyer or pot it up at one of its o&os?  Which o&o
could best accomodate Imus' show?  If the Imus numbers are strongest
with the WZLX demo, I wonder if that could happen.

Bill O'Neill