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Re: WCAP News

Sean writes:
> So, what experience does one need in this job? Does one
> have to have prior radio news experience? Journalism
> experience? It's nice to see that this position is open
> but it would also be nice to see some people get the
> shot to break into the radio business

At this point, there are a lot of OOW news folks but few are eager to
take the step back to very local digs at wages that do _not_ reflect
years-in.  If an experienced person does fit that profile, they'd have a
good shot, IMO.  As for someone looking for a "break" in lieu of jnlsm.
exper., true, natural talent humbled (read: eager to learn) by what is
ahead could do well, too.  It's the 'humble' part that is tough to find,
as most (sigh) know.

Bill O'Neill