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Bill writes:
>One of those rare (unofficial) postings, but WCAP radio 
>is looking for a news reporter/anchor.  I lack specifics 
>on pay (don't get hopes up) benefits (if they even exist) 
>but one thing is certain - it's a job that is rare in the 
>industry.  Give Maurice Cohen a call at 978-454-0404
>business hrs., if interested.

So, what experience does one need in this job? Does one 
have to have prior radio news experience? Journalism 
experience? It's nice to see that this position is open
but it would also be nice to see some people get the 
shot to break into the radio business.

Sean Smyth
Sports editor, Community Newspaper Co.
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Lexington, MA     02420
Phone: (781) 674-7721
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