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Re: Propagation 101

Martin J. Waters wrote,

>K.M. GoldChild wrote:
>>Sometimes at the onset of
>>geomagnetic storms, "auroral" type conditions will occur, resulting in
>>signal "wowing" and phasing (like you are hearing it from under
>>water)--locally, WTIC-1.080 Hartford seems to be one of the first
>>stations to experience this effect, when it occurs--followed later by a
>>deadening of the band.
>        I'm guessing that's connected with the fact that the usual weather
>pattern around here moves roughly from southwest to northeast, and when
>there's a storm, the weather happening now in Hartford will be in Boston >in a couple hours.

No, a whole different animal:  These are *geomagnetic storms* (e.g., "K
index=6, A index=37")--these ARE related to solar/space (not
tropospheric) weather.  The prime, non-technical (relatively speaking)
source for current (3hr) conditions and forecast is WWV's space weather
report script:


   (it's a "gopher" URL, so you will probably have to hit RELOAD)

               Qualitative:   K     A
          =================  ===  =====
                     Quiet:  0-2   0-10
          Active/Unsettled:  2-4  10-20    \
               Minor Storm:  4-6  20-30     (roughly!)
               Major Storm:  5-7  30-50    /
              Severe Storm:  6+   50+