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Re: FM Skip (was: TV skip)

There was a nice trop opening this past Sunday evening. I was driving up
I-395 through northeast Connecticut toward Worcester and many of the New
York City signals were booming in on the car radio.  In fact, I even had
WKTU-Lake Success, NY and WQBJ-Cobleskill, NY battling eachother on
103.5 as I approached the Mass line.  WQHT-New York was clearly audible
in Worcester.  Even little WXXP-Hampton Bays was picked up in

The best trop opening I can remember was when Hurricane Andrew moved in
on South Florida. At the time, I was living in Groton, CT.  It pushed up
loads of southern signals from the Carolinas, Georgia, Northern Florida
and Alabama--some so strong they completely overrode local stations!

Best catch of all time on E-Skip, a country station in Longview, Texas
from my friend's apartment in Newmarket, NH several years ago.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7

Bob Nelson wrote:

> I'm sure many of us can tell of some interesting
> FM skip as well.