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Skipland (Was Re: Some DX notes.....)

>John Bolduc wrote:
<It's kind of scary . . . my wife Debbie . . . was DX'ing WEDU Channel 3
>Tampa/St. Petersburg FL watching a gardening show on PBS.

        And kind of early in the skipland season, too. In the 1970s, down
on the farm just north of Northampton, we sometimes used to get that
"other" channel 3 off the rabbit ears on the microscopic b&w kitchen TV,
but usually only in mid-summer. It used to bomb in once in a while even
though the then-WTIC-TV, channel 3 in Hartford, is a semi-local signal
there that normally comes in OK (it's about 60 miles away). Often we'd be
able to get WJXT, channel 4, Jacksonville, at those same times, and even
better because the channel was not occupied locally. It's funny that I say
"used to" only because it's been so long since I had a TV hooked up to an
antenna instead of a cable that I'd forgotten that you CAN do that <g>.

>When I asked here what she was doing, she said, "...you know, I'm watching
>skipland..." She went on too inform me that this was the third day that
>"skipland" was coming in!

        That's nice. I like it. She gets at least ten bonus points for
basically knowing the proper broadcast-related use of the word skip.
Regular civilians hear "skip" and think of some girl and three guys in bad
costumes and makeup following the yellow brick road <g>.