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Re: Wendy (was 1510 in 1968)

Dan Strassberg wrote:
If that was the same woman that John H in his G-1060 days, referred to on 
the air as "Wendy the Champaign Lady," Lorraine Smith, who posts here from 
time to time, keeps up with her. If I recall correctly, about six months 
ago, Lorraine said that Wendy was fine and was still in this area.
     Yes, that's the same Wendy. She's is A-Okay and still in the 
     Greater Boston area.
     A Red Sox fan and season ticket holder, she can often be seen in 
     the Fenway park audience, sitting off the first base line. 
     Occasionally she sits behind home plate. You can't miss her natural 
     Atrium White hair.
and from Donna:
>Yes.  She worked at a lot of the stations in Boston-- I knew her at WHDH in 
>1980, and she worked at Kiss for a while too--
        I may be a little fuzzy, but I don't remember her working at Kiss, 
        but she did work at WBZ-FM...Clark Schmidt era? I think it was 
        after that stint that she got out of radio.