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FM Skip (was: TV skip)

<<On Mon, 24 May 1999 06:46:53 -0700 (PDT), Bob Nelson <bluesradio_99@yahoo.com> said:

> I'm sure many of us can tell of some interesting
> FM skip as well.

Scott and I were driving around Prince Edward Island last summer
(well, more accurately, I was driving and Scott was airchecking) in
the mid-morning.  On our way back in to Charlottetown, we were hearing
some really strange things on 90.9.  We knew they were really strange
because there is literally NOTHING in the Maritimes on 90.9 anywhere
except for CBZB-FM in Boiestown, N.B., which we could easily

It turned out to be the only Baha'i radio station in the world (that
we know of), WLGI from Hemingway, S.C.  We also heard snatches of
classical music that were probably WRQM from Rocky Mount, N.C.

I think this is my personal distance record -- Charlottetown to
Hemingway is probably longer than Boston to Tulsa.

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