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FM Skip (was: TV skip)

I'm sure many of us can tell of some interesting
FM skip as well.

I was driving in Lynn one late morning (in June,
I think) and was picking up an FM talk station
from Philadelphia (WWDB-FM ,I think, were the calls).
This was several years ago.

Also, one morning when my own station, WMWM in
Salem (91.7 FM) was off the air, I picked up  
WEGS in Pensacola, FL, on that frequency.

And once in Western Mass., I picked up some NPR
affiliates from North Carolina and Carbondale, IL
(the latter was WSIU, 91.9)

- --- Sven Weil <sven@lily.org> wrote:
>   Here in New York, before the Korean Broadcasting
> System set up a tv
> station on channel 17 I would get PHL-17 out of
> Philadelphia 
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