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Re: TV Skip (was Re: Some DX notes.....)

  Here in New York, before the Korean Broadcasting System set up a tv
station on channel 17 I would get PHL-17 out of Philadelphia on some
nights with a remarkably clear picture/sound. Of course, this was whenever
WPIX-TV 11's spastic UHF sister station (W17AC) was not on the air (which
was quite often).  The Korean station later bought (or maybe is renting)
this UHF setup and have vastly improved the signal quality in NewYork

I would also get Philly 57 (now a UPN relay) and on some nights even the
fox relay (i think
it's 29) and the PBS relay from scranton or somewhere like that.  

Currently I'm working on the 47th floor of a skyscraper that's about 5
blocks from the world trade center. What's funny is that it's easier to
get tv stations from Philadelphia. I've watched UPN's Philadelphia channel
here with better quality than the local New York frequency (on channel 9
from the top of the twin towers). Weird.

Now if I could only catch WABU-68 (oh well...i guess you can't have
everything *grin*)

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Sven F. Weil
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On Mon, 24 May 1999, Jim wrote:

> TV skip is always fun this time of the year.  We used to get Channel 2 in Daytona
> Beach FL quite clearly in the morning with a nice color signal at our summer place
> in Hampton Beach NH.  At night, several UHF stations from the midwest would come in
> too, though not nearly as clear.
> John Bolduc wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > It's kind of scary. On Saturday morning, while I was trying to take an extended
> > snooze, I awoke to find my wife Debbie engaged in some unusual behavior.
> > She had our little black and white TV hook up to the outside antenna, and was
> > DX'ing WEDU Channel 3 Tampa/St. Petersburg FL watching a gardening show on PBS.
> > When I asked here what she was doing, she said, "...you know, I'm watching
> > skipland..." She went on too inform me that this was the third day that
> > "skipland" was coming in!
> >
> > John
> > old Nutfield New Hampshire
> >
> > LJNF40C@prodigy.com (BUMP MARTIN) on 05/23/99 10:28:24
> >
> > ..
> >
> > Anyone have any experiences with DX lately?
> >
> > BM