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RE: FM Skip (was: TV skip)

Last summer, a "window" opened to Miami and later to Missouri/Illinois.  It
is wierd to hear small town radio from a 100,000 watt FM signal from the
Ozarks while driving down I-95 in Connecticut.  My Florida skip happened
while on route 3 on the South Shore when I got WPOW (96.5) and Magic (102.7)
and some station on the Keys I had never heard of (94.3).  I did get a
couple of responses from the stations in which they were amazed.  My record
for a summer FM pull is Lake Charles, LA and the SD/Minn border (even heard
an ad for 4th of July fireworks at a place in the Dakotas.)
Whenever this has happened, it has been clear in stereo like a local.
Amazing phenomenon!  There is something about that 4th of July weekend too.
- -Dave

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> I'm sure many of us can tell of some interesting
> FM skip as well.
> I was driving in Lynn one late morning (in June,
> I think) and was picking up an FM talk station
> from Philadelphia (WWDB-FM ,I think, were the calls).
> This was several years ago.
> Also, one morning when my own station, WMWM in
> Salem (91.7 FM) was off the air, I picked up
> WEGS in Pensacola, FL, on that frequency.
> And once in Western Mass., I picked up some NPR
> affiliates from North Carolina and Carbondale, IL
> (the latter was WSIU, 91.9)
> --- Sven Weil <sven@lily.org> wrote:
> >
> >   Here in New York, before the Korean Broadcasting
> > System set up a tv
> > station on channel 17 I would get PHL-17 out of
> > Philadelphia
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