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Some DX notes.....

RE:  1040AM  Has anyone ever picked up WHO here in the Boston area?

The other night I picked up a strong station on 1040....with a program
called "night Talk" or something like that.  Sounded somewhat syndicated
...i.e...  No calls mentioned.  I think it was WHO, from Des Moine(?). 
But WBZ's Bob Raleigh kept splashing over so I coundl't make out much.  
(WEVD NY was splashing over a bit much too.)  I could never pick up WHO
before....and I never heard anyone speak of it as one of the "big
signal" AM's.  

RE:  1200 KMOX

I gave up ever trying to catch them when WKOX moved to that frequency.  

However, isn't WKOX running religion or foreign language in the
overnight?  Picked up some generic talk the other night....and since it
was english and not 'religious' in nature, wondered if it was KMOX. 
Anyone here ever catch them nowadays?

RE:  890AM

Does anyone know what WLS carries overnight?  Again, I kinda gave up on
this when WBPS started....but I heard english language programming the
other night and wondered if it was WLS....

RE:  1160AM  WJJD

I usually don't have to worry about local splash from 1150AM...The don't
have that strong of a night signal where I am....   But I wondered how
often people catch WJJD here in New England?  (Which direction is the
antenna array mostly sending the signal?)  Very non-compelling
programming.  American Standards....sounding automated and generic....

Anyone have any experiences with DX lately?