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Re: Some DX notes.....

The 1160 station is probably WVNJ Oakland NJ (on the border between Bergen
and Rockland counties) 20 kW-D/2.5 kW-N DA-2. Most signal goes east day and
night. The day pattern is actually a bit tighter than the night pattern, but
the power is a lot higher. WVNJ carries a locally originated adult-standards
format during the day, but now, I believe, carries Bruce Williams at night.
Since I'm within a mile of WNFT, I can't get WVNJ, but it makes a lot of
sense that the best time to pick it up around here would be right before
sunset in the New York metro area.

The Chicago 1160 is now all-sports WSCR, the Score (ex-820, which, last I
knew had become WYPA). WSCR's signal goes mostly southeast. Night power is
only 10 kW. 

The 1040 station might also be in New Jersey, WJHR Flemington (5 kW-D/1 kW-N
DA-2), which just switched from oldies to talk (or so I hear). WJHR's day
and night patterns are really different. Most signal goes more or less west
during the day (to protect WEVD) and east at night (to protect WHO).

I think your 1120 station probably is KMOX. I can get it underneath WBNW
when WPRX isn't on top of WBNW. Were it not for WPRX, I think KMOX would be
clearly readable here on most nights. WBNW is directionalized due east at
night and I live 12.4 miles due east of the TX, but the nighttime signal is
so bad that KMOX is often quite audible even when I turn the SuperRadio III
to get the best possible signal from WBNW! 

WKOX carries religion overnight. They carry what would be on WJLT if WJLT
were on. I think the hours are something like 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM. The
religion goes at least one more hour on weekends.

Last time I checked, WLS carried talk overnight (big surprise, right?). I
think it's local but I'm not sure. I don't know where you live, but in
Arlington Heights (Lexington line) I can almost totally null WBPS so that
WLS comes in just fine on many nights. 

At 02:28 PM 5/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>RE:  1040AM  Has anyone ever picked up WHO here in the Boston area?
>The other night I picked up a strong station on 1040....with a program
>called "night Talk" or something like that.  Sounded somewhat syndicated
>...i.e...  No calls mentioned.  I think it was WHO, from Des Moine(?). 
>But WBZ's Bob Raleigh kept splashing over so I coundl't make out much.  
>(WEVD NY was splashing over a bit much too.)  I could never pick up WHO
>before....and I never heard anyone speak of it as one of the "big
>signal" AM's.  
>RE:  1200 KMOX
>I gave up ever trying to catch them when WKOX moved to that frequency.  
>However, isn't WKOX running religion or foreign language in the
>overnight?  Picked up some generic talk the other night....and since it
>was english and not 'religious' in nature, wondered if it was KMOX. 
>Anyone here ever catch them nowadays?
>RE:  890AM
>Does anyone know what WLS carries overnight?  Again, I kinda gave up on
>this when WBPS started....but I heard english language programming the
>other night and wondered if it was WLS....
>RE:  1160AM  WJJD
>I usually don't have to worry about local splash from 1150AM...The don't
>have that strong of a night signal where I am....   But I wondered how
>often people catch WJJD here in New England?  (Which direction is the
>antenna array mostly sending the signal?)  Very non-compelling
>programming.  American Standards....sounding automated and generic....
>Anyone have any experiences with DX lately?

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