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I'm sailing back home

Hello List:

Next month, I'm sailing home to Boston's Charlestown Navy Yard on my
ship, the USS Doyle (FFG-39), a Guided Missile Frigate. We will be
moored to the same pier as the USS Constitution on June 4th, 5th, and
6th.  I'd be very interested in meeting you all if anyone has the time.
I will be staying in Lowell with my family.
If anyone would like to get together to talk shop, look at facilities,
trade airchecks (list e-mailable upon request...) let me know through
both of the following addresses

During my last visit home in October, I had the opportunity to meet two
from our group and missed two others... and had a great time. Looking
forward to meeting you in June!

Almost Home,

Ron Gitschier
WYHI 1570