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Re: NHPR goes north of Pinkham Notch

On top of this, I heard that Vermont Public Radio
was supposed to put a station on in St. Johnsbury, to
go with its outlets in Colchester/Burlington, 
Windsor, and Rutland. So "the North Country" will
get even more NPR.

By the way: what is the deal with public/ college
radio on Cape Cod? I know that there are stations
simulcasting WBUR and WUMB, plus there's one station in
Provincetown...but why isn't there a locally-oriented
public or college station to cover the Cape? Sure,
the Boston stations are good, but why not a _local_
station offering stuff like alternative rock, folk,
bluegrass, blues, classical, etc.?

I mean, you have stations from Sandwich High School
and Cape Cod Community College simulcasting stuff
from Boston--no original stuff, at least not that
I know of...

- --- Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net> wrote:
> At 7:02 PM -0400 5/19/99, David W. Harris wrote:
> >On its newscasts this afternoon, it was announced
> that New Hampshire
> >Public Radio has reached an agreement to purchase
> "WXLQ in Berlin."
> >That would be the class A on 107.1 licensed to
> Gorham.  No dollar amount
> >was disclosed.  NHPR expects to be operating the
> station by this autumn.
> My guess would be that it was picked up for a
> fire-sale price, as is often
> the case when a public radio outlet takes over a a
> commercial frequency.
> So, this brings a second public radio signal to an
> area that already gets a
> good signal from Maine Public Radio, and parts of
> which also get, to some
> extent, VT Pubilic Radio and CBC from Sherbrooke. 
> It's too bad that the
> new service they are getting won't have more varied
> programming and NH
> specific content.
> ---
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH

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