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Re: NHPR goes north of Pinkham Notch

At 7:02 PM -0400 5/19/99, David W. Harris wrote:
>On its newscasts this afternoon, it was announced that New Hampshire
>Public Radio has reached an agreement to purchase "WXLQ in Berlin."
>That would be the class A on 107.1 licensed to Gorham.  No dollar amount
>was disclosed.  NHPR expects to be operating the station by this autumn.

My guess would be that it was picked up for a fire-sale price, as is often
the case when a public radio outlet takes over a a commercial frequency.

So, this brings a second public radio signal to an area that already gets a
good signal from Maine Public Radio, and parts of which also get, to some
extent, VT Pubilic Radio and CBC from Sherbrooke.  It's too bad that the
new service they are getting won't have more varied programming and NH
specific content.

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Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH