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Re: why is the CBC doing this anyways?

Martin J. Waters responded to Kevin Vahey about the CBC abandoning MW:

> I wrote to the CBC a couple years ago making your argument about
> the good will factor, etc.--that some Americans get Canadian news and
> entertainment that they otherwise would not get. The reply said the
> programming would still be available on SW. Period.
Yeah, right.  When was the last time Finkelman's 45s aired on
shortwave?  I'm sure the stock reply these days would be that the
programming is readily available through Internet streaming.  I have
tried on a couple occasions to listen to Ideas online and found the
transmission quality to be wretched.  I could make out just enough to
know I was missing out on a good program.  Perhaps this streaming stuff
is a revenue enhancement scheme carefully calculated to induce me to
send the CBC $8 for a transcript or $18 for a cassette of the program.