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Re: Pioneer Valley radio

Rick Kelly wrote:

> WTTT is an odd mix of simulcasting WFCR, Amherst (88.5, NPR affiliate)
> durig the week, and simulcasting WRNX on weekends.
WTTT may simulcast WFCR during Morning Edition, but that's about it.
WFCR is leasing 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and when 88.5 starts its
classical programming at 9 a.m., listeners on 1430 can hear another hour
of Morning Edition before The Connection begins.  There follows a series
of programs not heard on 88.5 (Talk of the Nation, The World) or heard
at different times (Marketplace, Fresh Air).  WTTT does not carry All
Things Considered at all.