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Re: lesser known pop hits

In a message dated 5/16/99 8:35:24 PM EDT, ASchinella@aol.com writes:

<< i used to hear that song endlessly on the radio. a couple more local songs 
 that never seem to get heard: "when things go wrong" by robin lane & the 
 chartbusters and "10, 9, 8"  by face to face cracked nationally but you 
 seem to hear.  >>

I almost cry when I hear that song by Robin Lane, it so defines my listening 
experience in the late '70's early '80's.  I have a large collection of 
albums by local bands - they didn't all make the charts but on Boston radio 
(college and alternative) they were staples - I'd love to hear that stuff 
again. (Atlantics, Private Lightning, Mission of Burma, the Neats, Scruffy 
the Cat, Big Dipper),  How about the Stompers  "American Fun" or "This is 
Rock and Roll", which I have on an old WCOZ album.   Better than "Angel" 
anyday.  Those songs should have been hits.

Could someone tell me what Boston stations do these (oh I hate the word) 
"oldies shows that play '80's stuff - I'm not up on programming these days...
anyway, just reminiscing, back to lurk mode...