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Re: lesser known pop hits

PWerlin@aol.com wrote:

> I almost cry when I hear that song by Robin Lane, it so defines my listening
> experience in the late '70's early '80's.  I have a large collection of
> albums by local bands - they didn't all make the charts but on Boston radio
> (college and alternative) they were staples - I'd love to hear that stuff
> again. (Atlantics, Private Lightning, Mission of Burma, the Neats, Scruffy
> the Cat, Big Dipper),  How about the Stompers  "American Fun" or "This is
> Rock and Roll", which I have on an old WCOZ album.   Better than "Angel"
> anyday.  Those songs should have been hits.


Robin Lane was my favorite band for a few years.  Awesome live I never could 
fathom why stardom passed her by.  I convinced our PD at WLNH to play "When 
Things Go Wrong" and we would get lots of requests.

Now as Dr Laura would say: "And your questinn for me is?"

I saw Robin Lane live at UNH.  The Rings were the sub headliner.  I've been 
racking my brain trying to remember who opened. It was a Green Day style trio 
that was a popular local Boston band 79-81.  Not the Real Kids.  Name that band!