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Re: Information on V-66

True story: I remember tuning in to "V-66" once and
seeing a "video" for Price's "Raspberry Beret". It
wasn't the same video MTV aired; instead, the camera
went back and forth between pictures of the album
cover, lyrics, and maybe a few other things. I suppose
V-66 wasn't given the right to broadcast the actual
video so they had to "make do"...Your explanation
about that MTV exclusivity is interesting and
undoubtedly true!

- --- Joseph Gallant <notquite@hotmail.com> wrote:
> One more note about V-66: Around the time of it's
> demise, MTV had signed contracts with major record
> labels which gave MTV an exclusive 30-day window on
> new music video releases by top artists and bands
> (i.e. Prince--when he was still known by that name,
> Madonna, Duran-
> Duran, Journey, etc.). These contracts were signed
> because V-66 and other local music-video stations
> like it were on the verge of giving MTV very strong
> competition. 
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