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Does this bother anyone else?

First, WROR drops a decade from their playlists and still sneaks in a song
from the 1980s once in a while.  Now, they are giving away concert tickets
for a band that didn't have their first hit until 1982 - Huey Lewis & The
Ok, so we can give away tickets; but if someone calls up to request
something by the group, we can't play it.  If I were Huey and I heard of a
station giving away tickets to see me; but doesn't promote my songs, I would
have my manager on the phone.
The other time in recent memory that really got me was Mix 98.5 giving away
tickets for the Rolling Stones.  I guess they decided that "Mix's audience
appreciates the music of the Stones and we felt it was good for our
listeners to have a chance to win these tickets."
Hey, Magic, there is a Black Sabbath concert coming to town....
Thanks for letting me vent.
- -Dave