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Re: Pioneer Valley radio

At 11:53 PM 5/16/99 -0400, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>I went to the Democratic State Convention yesterday in Springfield, after 
>which I drove up to Amherst, and listened to a number of things on the car 
>radio.  One thing I noticed was that WARE in Ware is doing oldies.  I didn't 
>listen for very long, but it sounded as though they were playing some of the 
>oldies that the FM oldies stations weren't playing.  I imagine they'd have
>in order to have something to distinguish them from Big D-103 and another 
>oldies FM that I heard briefly but can't remember which station it was.

Is WARE live these days?  Last time I heard them they were a simulcast of
some satellite station.