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Re: 1170 -CBC?

Phyllis Werlin wrote:
>Can anyone tell me anything about 1170? I heard CBC Radio One last night on
>1170, at 11 PM ET,  about to broadcast Radio France Int'l for an hour.
>In my
>time as a more active AM DX'er I don't remember what I used to get on that
>frequency, if anything.

        1170 at night in the Northeast and eastern Canada should be WWVA,
Wheeling, West Virginia. From what I've heard lately its programming after
about 7 p.m. now is paid preachers, except Saturday nights when it runs its
famous Jamboree USA live music show (IMO a fun show to listen to, BTW).
        My list shows the only Canadians on 1170 are three 40-watt relays
in British Columbia and CKGY, Red Deer, Alberta, not a CBC station, with 50
kW day and 14 kW night, directional night. The format in my 1997 NRC log is
C&W, "thunder country." I suppose it's possible you could get that,
especially just before its local sunset when it's still 50 kW non-DA.
Sunset there would be two or three hours after ours. Its pattern change
this month is probably around 10 or 11 p.m. eastern time--maybe even later
because its latitude is around the same as the southern tip of Newfoundland
(too lazy to look it up). That would be quite a DX catch, but it doesn't
fit the programming you described, of course. Otherwise, I'm stumped,
unless you misread the frequency, as others suggested is possible. I love
radio mysteries <g>.


Have you patronized the skywave signal of an AM Class A station today?