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Re: 1170 -CBC?

<<On Sun, 16 May 1999 14:31:38 +0000, Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net> said:

> CBA, Moncton NB 50 kW-U ND. CBA has been in Moncton for perhaps 25 years.
> Before that, it IDed as CBA Maritimes and transmitted from the CBC's
> short-wave site in Sackville, which is perhaps 60 miles southwest of
> Moncton, much closer to the geographical center of NB. At some point (I'm
> guessing around 1974), the CBC put a second AM on the air in Moncton (CBAF
> 1300). CBAF was probably 10 kW DA-N and broadcast in French. CBAF is now
> silent on AM. I presume that it has moved to FM. When CBAF went on the air,
> the CBC moved CBA 1070 from Sackville to Moncton and I believe that the two
> stations diplexed from CBAF's two-tower array, which was on the waterfront
> in downtown Moncton.

Geography fault.  Core dumped.

Sackville is 25 miles southeast of Moncton, or about a hundred miles
southwest of the geographical center of New Brunswick.

CBAF was not on the waterfront in downtown Moncton; it was about five
or ten miles southeast of Moncton along Hwy. 106.  The transmitter
building still stood when Scott and I took pictures there last summer,
although the towers were long gone; the building was old enough to say
``CBAF / 1300 KC'' on the front.  CBA is not (now at least) located
there; it is another few miles southeast of the ex-1300, and judging
by what we saw and heard from the RCI engineer we talked to, it seems
unlikely that it ever was there.

The current CBC situation in Moncton is:

Radio 1 is on CBA 1070 locally and CBD 91.3 from Saint John.
Radio 2 is on CBA-FM 95.5 locally and CBZ-FM 101.5 from Saint John.
SRC Premiere Chaine is on CBAF-FM 88.5.
SRC Chaine Culturelle is on CBAL-FM 98.3.

The CBC retains an FM allotment on channel 214B (90.7) (equivalent to
a U.S. class C1 or C2) for the eventual use of Radio 1 in Moncton.
There is also a channel 222B (92.3) in Fredericton to supersede CBZ
970, and channel 246C (97.1) in Sydney, N.S., for CBI.  From my
perusal of the Strategis(tm) database, there appeared to be no such
reservations at all in Western Canada, although in every city I
considered except Vancouver there remained five or six unused,
full-power FM allotments.  This suggests that there are no immediate
plans to move CBK, CBW, CBR, or CBX to FM.  (Keeping in mind that my
copy of this database is about a year out-of-date.)  Why the CBC
might ever want to construct a new Chaine Culturelle transmitter in
Halifax is a mystery to me...

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