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Re: 1170 -CBC?

CBA, Moncton NB 50 kW-U ND. CBA has been in Moncton for perhaps 25 years.
Before that, it IDed as CBA Maritimes and transmitted from the CBC's
short-wave site in Sackville, which is perhaps 60 miles southwest of
Moncton, much closer to the geographical center of NB. At some point (I'm
guessing around 1974), the CBC put a second AM on the air in Moncton (CBAF
1300). CBAF was probably 10 kW DA-N and broadcast in French. CBAF is now
silent on AM. I presume that it has moved to FM. When CBAF went on the air,
the CBC moved CBA 1070 from Sackville to Moncton and I believe that the two
stations diplexed from CBAF's two-tower array, which was on the waterfront
in downtown Moncton.

At 04:55 PM 5/15/99 EDT, you wrote:
>In a message dated 5/15/99 1:32:17 PM EDT, kc1ih@mediaone.net writes:
><< re you sure it wasn't 1070?  Thers is nothing in Canada on 1170 east of
> Alberta, according to my listings.
> 1070 is CBC Radio One from Moncton, New Brunswick.  Since the maritimes are
> in the Atlantic time zone, their programs are one hour ahead of those in
> the Eastern zone.  Thus, CBC Overnight (relays of shortwave programs from
> other countries) begins at midnight eastern on 1070. >>
>OOPs - I'm sorry, I was half asleep. It was 1070.  Thank you. 

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