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Joe wrote:
>I enjoy listening to LTAR, and I like the people on the show, some of 
>whom I've had the pleasure of meeting.  But sometimes I think they can 
>get a bit sanctimonious about current trends in radio.  Today, Bob and 
>Donna were talking about how awful it is that a station no longer needs 
>to have a studio in its community of license.  Thus, WAAF, licensed to 
>Worcester, can have its studio in Boston.

Well, I wouldn't use the word 'sanctimonious'-- we are just offering an
opinion that the FCC no longer seems to enforce the way they used to, and
many of the rules we all had to follow no longer apply.   for one believe
that local radio is important and when some station claims to be from a
certain city, they should maintain a presence in that city.