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I enjoy listening to LTAR, and I like the people on the show, some of 
whom I've had the pleasure of meeting.  But sometimes I think they can 
get a bit sanctimonious about current trends in radio.  Today, Bob and 
Donna were talking about how awful it is that a station no longer needs 
to have a studio in its community of license.  Thus, WAAF, licensed to 
Worcester, can have its studio in Boston.

So soon we forget!  Not so long ago, when Bob owned WNEB in 
Worcester, its studio, for all practical purposes, was in Cambridge.  As 
I recall, even on those few occasions when WNEB had programming 
separate from WJIB, it was originated from WJIB's studios in 
Cambridge.  If WNEB had a studio in Worcester at the time, it was 
only a nominal studio, existing only to comply with whatever rules 
existed at the time.

So let's not get too self-righteous!

Which reminds me, back when WBZA was a total simulcast of WBZ, 
how did they get around the studio rules?

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