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Re: Sebastian and WZMX

H Glazer wrote:

> Regarding WZMX's new format, it certainly seems to be all oldies, rather
> than the hybrid on Boston's 93.7. I don't recall seeing any speculation
> on a switch in this newsgroup; wonder how long it had been in the works.
> Since they only gave "The Point" one full ratings book to prove itself,
> maybe it was never intended to be a lasting format. I'd been wondering
> why the call letters had never changed to something with a "PT," as is
> the case with several other "Points."

Actually, WZMX had been rumored to change format for quite some time, but I
think that Infinity wanted to see how successful some of these other R&B
Oldies stations became around the country before pulling  the trigger in
Hartford.  I never did understand what the purpose of the Point was--first
they tried to put in more 80's and 90's rock in the mix, then they threw in
some "Jammin' Oldies" in for spice.  Sounded pretty "Pointless" to me...

Flipping to R&B Oldies is actually a great move for the station.  The market
has a history of rhythmic hit music going back to the old "96-Tic's" back in
the late 70's, and even WDRC played a good amount of rhythmic gold back in
the day.  Hartford itself is mostly black in population, and with very
little urban competition (2 AM's) ZMX can make a nice niche with this
audience, while appealing to white listeners currently listening to WDRC and
WRCH.  If done right, they can be a consistant player in the 25-54 demo,
which has been the goal of this station ever since they flipped from Spanish
back in 1990.

Mike Thomas
WXLO & Mediabase 24/7