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RE: The River ...

I just wanted to agree with you.  The difference is the River doesn't play
all of the same songs everyday.  I need to switch stations day to day so I
can hear different songs within a work day.  I tried listening to WBOS for 5
straight days, and just heard the same songs in a different order.
C'mon radio stations, toss us a bone at least once an hour and pull one out
that you didn't play this week.
"Uh, sorry, that song will cause one listener to turn the station.  We can't
have that.  Our listeners like songs and artists they are familiar with."
- -Dave

> I tend to set my office radio (your very basic RatShak MTA-12 table
> radio) to one station versus (my typically annoying) dial scanning.
> My scanning increases with discomfort and distraction at work.  The
> River - WXRV (92.5 Haverhill) hasn't given me any excuses to change
> the station since Monday.  The skeptic in me wonders, "What gives?"
> It also asks, "Why can't WBOS do this?" - since it would appear that
> they are trying to target a similar demo.
> Bill O'Neill