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Re: Cucaracha Bites Back

Roger writes:

>I wonder if Dan Phelps knew he was being recorded.  It would seem to
>any existing co-operation between the Lowell Sun and WLLH.
>Roger Kirk

Not sure if he knew, but doubt it would bother him.  Dan was a guest
of mine as I guest hosted this Sat. morn. at WCAP (a former long-time
shift of mine at the station before I departed for other things).  He
had written a column deriding Cardinal Law for appearing at the State
House and speaking out against the death penalty, opining that
spiritual leaders should not state political opinions in vestments or
within their "role".  A local parish priest wrote a letter to editor
at the Sun that very morning of the show taking exception to Phelps'
points in his column.

Fortuitously, the priest 'happened' to be available by phone to take
on Dan on the air.  Made for good radio (IMHO).  Gotta admit, although
I had to side with the church on this one, I tried to step aside and
let the two have the mic.  Phelps showed no flop-sweat and brushed it
off like a pro.

He's a copy editor of 13 yrs. who's been tagged to write a couple of
columns a week for the local daily.

As for the relationship between the new WLLH and the paper, I doubt
either party envisioned a feasible teaming.

Bill O'Neill